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What is the best Vocal Method to grow your singing voice potential?

European Voice training called "Bel Canto"

is proven for centuries among all renown vocal schools as a most powerful, healthiest and profound system of voice training, capable in short period of time provide you all necessary paths and experiences leading to the vocal power and body respond. And as a result - you ll get ready for any singing style you longing to.

In its broad techniques European Classical Voice training gives the singer and speaker access to all dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility. It also helps to improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice.


Juliana Polansky Vocal Coach, California
My goal is to explain profound knowledge in simple words. To make it fun and engaging for you to learn vocal tips and tricks.  
 I tailor my lessons specifically for your personal needs, my goal as a Master Vocal Coach to lead you to predictable and proven results!
I prefer do not teach by theory but by hands-on-practical-approach!
As a vocal coach I use decades of my professional singing experience and profound vocal studies to bring out the most excitement, authenticity, and personal style that makes you a n aspiring 
Singer and true Artist.


For years of teaching I developed my Holistic approach for Voice Training.

This empathic method unfolds your natural voice potential, awakens your inner creativity, develops singing voice range and personal confidence of vocal performance. 

No do-lo-so-re-me scales that achieve nothing. No youtube silly tips that teach you bad habits and ruin your voice. What I’m going to teach you is not only a comprehensive method to sing, but it’s a radically new way to learn how to sing and feel on stage.


Juliana Polansky Vocal Coach, California



  • Build your repertoire

  • Express emotions through singing and acting techniques

  • Practice better ear control 

  • Develop your vocal stamina

  • Learn how to protect your voice from straining and damage

  • Explore your full voice potential for new projects and roles

Juliana Polansky Vocal Coach, California


  • Learn professional voice placement and breath support

  • Develop better pitch control

  • Expand your natural vocal range

  • Become confident while singing solo parts

  • Build your song list

  • Get ready for public vocal performances

Juliana Polansky Vocal Coach, California


  • Discover your natural singing voice

  • Learn how to sing like a pro

  • Get ready for auditions

  • Practice vocal dynamics, velocity, projection

  • Learn how to sing with microphone

  • Learn how to act on stage


Juliana Polansky Online Vocal Coach Review, California
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