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Juliana Polansky Online Vocal Coach Review, California


… Live far away from Los Angeles?
No problem! Practice via WEBCAM at your home studio!
This is more efficient than just youtube tutorials or DIY courses!

Online Vocal Lessons for kids, beginners and professionals.

In general, a lot of beginners don't really advocate for "cookie cutter" online/video methods. They're simply missing one of the most important factors in singing, which is reacting to your unique voice.

Not only is everyone's voice different just in terms of sound, but everyone comes to singing with different issues. And while there are some general principles of good singing, how to get there is different based on where you're coming from.

In other words, particularly if you're planning on spending money on a program anyway, getting a few lessons from a qualified voice teacher would definitely be your best bet and would give you a much better foundation than a program.

Internationally, I’ve taught students in USA, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Australia. With the improvements that have been made in the quality of Zoom, Skype and other platforms, it really does feel like you are in the same room together.

 If a student is using an especially high-quality microphone, I can detect even more issues that need to be addressed. Technology is really something!


  • Practice your music skills professionally anywhere in the world

  • Save Video recording of each online class for your home practice

  • Keep Audio files of warm ups, exercises, backing tracks designed and recorded individually for your voice specific needs

  • Track your progress

  • Easy to schedule

  • Available at the recording /rehearsal studio 

Webcam voice coaching jp music studios.jpg

Technical Requirements for
Webcam Lessons

  • Make sure you’ve got a high-speed broadband internet connection as well as audio and video capability on your computer.

  • Headphones with long wire 5-6 ft long will also help you hear our session clearly and move during singing

  • Secure your camera near the piano from left or right side for more generalized view

  • For singing lessons - good Mic strongly recommended

  • Use Computer or Ipad , not your phone for bigger screen and detailing picture during the communication with instructor

 "I offer structured, tailored singing lessons that guarantees you best possible progress in few months!"

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